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It’s that time again and this year we are aiming our Appeal at two very special BAWCS Shelter animals (Little Legs and Duncan) – both examples of the work we do. Once you have read their stories, we do hope you will support our work via our Mid Year fundraiser – and remember, all donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

LITTLE LEGS is one of BAWCS Shelter’s special needs cats. She was only 6 months old, when she arrived in October 2018. Diagnosed with Spina Bifida, (a birth defect where the spinal chord does not form correctly), Little Legs has been living a well managed and happy life with us.

Little Legs recently underwent a veterinary procedure and unfortunately developed complications afterwards. Admitted to emergency care, her life hanging in the balance, we held our breath when advised she was critical. Things were ‘touch and go’ at the start of treatment, but with amazing and intensive veterinary care, Little Legs prognosis is now good with a full recovery in time.

As you can imagine this care comes at quite a cost but BAWCS would not deny care if there was a chance of survival / recovery. We are now facing a vet bill in excess of $13,000 so have decided to dedicate our mid year fundraiser to Little Legs’ bill.

DUNCAN – AS many supporters know, BAWCS Shelter has a ‘return anytime for any reason policy’ when we adopt out. When we take on a dog (or cat) it is a lifetime commitment to us even after they are adopted as circumstances can change for the new home.

This situation has eventuated for new arrival (return) Duncan who was adopted back in 2015. Now a senior, we will be looking for a great new home so he can spend his retirement where he’ll receive the love, care and comfort he deserves.

Duncan has had a vet check where he was brought up to date with vaccination and monthly arthritis injection. Also noted was a perianal mass and whilst not causing any issues, we have decided it would be best removed.

Duncan is booked in for surgery next week and will be ‘good to go’ from then on. Without our Policy, we dread to think what might have happened to Duncan as he’s not what a lot of people would consider a great option for adoption.

Your donation to our Appeal will help cover his veterinary care and the time he is with us which will be for however long it takes to find the right home.

Donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

So we do hope you will continue to support our work via our Mid Year Fundraising Appeal this year, we can’t do it without you!

Click here to view our donation options. Please use reference MID YEAR APPEAL.

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On Saturday night (20 May) one of BAWCS special needs cat Little Legs was rushed into the Emergency vet clinic.  After a dental procedure two days earlier, she became ‘flat’ and then stopped eating with her gums very pale and urine quite dark.

It turns out Little Legs had picked up an infection which spread from her blood to her lungs/chest cavity.   Over the weekend she was critical and it has been an extremely stressful time with her blood pressure very low and not able to maintain her own temperature.  She’s been on oxygen as well, to support her lung capacity.  Whilst we don’t have unlimited funding, we will always give of our animals in care the maximum support required to get them well, Little Legs being no exception. 

BAWCS made the call this morning (Monday 22 May) at 8am to see if she had made it through the night after intensive care all weekend.    

She had! And is now showing signs of the antibiotics she is on have kicked in and less fluid is draining from the two tubes in her chest.  The prognosis is guarded and she’ll need to remain at the vet, closely monitored for at least another 4 days.

As you can imagine the vet bill we are going to be receiving will be quite significant, already above $7,000 so we are reaching out to our supporters to see if you would like to

1. Click here to donate direct to the appeal. Please use the reference Little Legs OR

2. Click here to sponsor Little Legs. If you decide to sponsor, you’ll be invited to join our private FB group BAWCS Shelter and Sanctuary sponsors where you’ll be able to see what has been happening with this precious girl and get real time updates.

Please keep Little Legs in your thoughts as we follow closely what we are hoping will be a full recovery to good health.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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Sponsorship magnets 2023 1

Why not consider a one off BAWCS Shelter Special Needs Cat sponsorship. For as little as $50 for the entire year, your gift provides a great fridge magnet for the recipient together with background / history on the cat you’ve chosen to sponsor.

Sponsorship helps in keeping our special needs cats happy and healthy. Plus sponsors get to join our PRIVATE FB Group for BAWCS Shelter and Sanctuary sponsors, where you get exclusive updates on the cat/s you’ve sponsored.

Click here to check out who is available to sponsor. We can send the sponsor pack to you to pass on or we can send direct to the gift recipient.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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diesel and Dr Mandy pic

WHAT a wonderful outcome working in partnership with Bendigo Pet Vets – Mobile Veterinary Clinic and Pet Medical Crisis who referred this case to BAWCS Community Pets Support Program.
A distressed pet owner, struggling financially under the weight of todays ever increasing living costs, was so worried about her beloved dog who needed major dentistry with mulitple extractions, a third eyelid flap to help a corneal ulcer heal and a lump that had a nasty appearance also needed to be removed from his right thoracic wall.

This lovely boy is home now and his relieved mum is reporting

“We have collected Diesel from Bendigo Pet Vets. He still has the effect from the anesthetic, has eaten a little of his dinner and is now
tucked up in bed. We would like to thank your organisation and Bendigo Pet Vets for all the care and concern that you have given to our Mr D (that’s what we call him)”.
BAWCS Community Pets Support Program is so grateful to be able to work with other organisations ie: Pet Medical Crisis Fund who have with the same mission and for such generous and compassion vets like Dr Mandy from Bendigo Pet Vets – Mobile Veterinary Clinic – we could not do what we do without these partnerships.
Pictured: Dr Mandy and her latest success.

BAWCS Community Pets Support Program is supported by the Victorian Government and City of Greater Bendigo.
Like to know more about our Program? Check it out here

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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Training (002)

BAWCS Shelter was recently contacted by a dog owner who wanted to surrender. When we discussed what her dogs issues were, BAWCS offered training support via our Community Pets Support Program with Sahil from Elite Canines Training as an alternative.

A young (and large) dog that under the right management could stay in his home with his first family with time and dedication.
The offer was taken up and one lesson on – “The training that Sahil suggested to us is going well. We just need to keep implementing the training. Thank you we really appreciate this program you have in place for dog owners”.

A second session has been requested and approved to assist with reactivity with other dogs, ie: barking, somersaults, pulling etc. to address all issues originally listed in the application.
Struggling with managing your dog? To see if you qualify for support and how to apply, click here.
This is BAWCS Shelter pro active approach to keeping dogs and their families together.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to Bendigo and close surrounds dog owners due to BAWCS partnering with Sahil, our dog trainer who residents in Bendigo.
Pictured: Sahil from Elite Canines Training with Shelter dog Harrison (currently available for adoption).

BAWCS Community Pets Support Program is supported by the Victorian Government and City of Greater Bendigo.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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BAWCS Community Pets Support Program offers veterinary care support for disadvantaged pet owners in our community.

A recent referral to a vet ended up with an unwell cat being euthanased due to renal failure. The vet advised that if the cat had presented 2-3 days earlier it most likely would have been saved.

Please don’t delay veterinary care for your pets when they are struggling. There is help available.

RIP precious boy, your suffering has ended now.

Learn more about our Program and how to apply here

BAWCS Community Pets Support Program is funded by The Victorian Government and City of Greater Bendigo.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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