AS Halloween approaches please consider what decorations you are using around your home.

Fake spider web is a real danger to wildlife. Birds, insects and other flying animals have been known to get tangled up in it and unable to free themselves.

There are many other decorations that don’t pose this risk so please choose those options to keep our wildlife safe.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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BACK in early September BAWCS Community Pets Support Program collaborated with our friends at Pet Medical Crisis to assist David, a 63 year old veteran and his HUGE, cuddly 3-year-old Boerboel named Ripple.

David’s military journey has not only left him with PTSD but when suffering a knee injury, it was revealed he had a life-threatening Atrioventricular Septal Defect (hole in the heart), necessitating transfer back home for urgent life-saving surgery. Trauma and too many losses then compounded David’s world with his second-eldest son passing away from cancer.
David found solace in swimming until the isolation of COVID struck and then even this was taken from him.

Ripple entered David’s life, offering him much-needed companionship and number one support through the tragic loss of his eldest son, followed by his father and youngest brother. Life was bleak and Ripple was the greatest solace during these hardest of days.

When Ripple’s persistent limp led to a diagnosis of an ACL injury which will require a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery initially quoted was at $8,000. Devastated with the inability to save his best friend, David sought assistance from Pet Medical Crisis and BAWCS Community Pets Support Program. Together with the amazing fundraising efforts from PMC supporters, the RSL and Maryborough Veterinary Practice (who generously agreed to reduce the cost to $3,100) Ripple was able to have his surgery!

David and Ripple are now able to enjoy their joyful daily walks and plays once again.

From David “She is my world of peace”.

BAWCS Community Pets Support Program is sponsored by SavourLife who have a great platform Adopt-a-dog (which supports rescue groups by listing their dogs who are looking for great new homes). Check it out here . BAWCS could not do what we do with clients like David without this amazing support.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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sniffy appeal

BAWCS Shelter permanent ‘special needs’ resident Sniffy underwent surgery at our vet today and this disgusting looking piece of ‘we’re not sure what it is’ came out of her NOSE!

Whilst Sniffy went in for a dental, something odd was noted in one of her nasal cavities and this is what it was.

We have given the go ahead for a sample to be sent off for further investigation and we’re hoping it is not going to be too sinister.

Sniffy is one of our older cats at 18 years of age. She continues to do well with her best bud Langford (also a permanent ‘special needs’ BAWCS Shelter cat).

Whilst our vet has discounted this surgery (which included ear cleaning and the dental did go ahead), with sending off the sample for a biopsy, our vet bill is going to be around $2,000.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so via sponsorship of Sniffy which is ONLY $50 a year.

Sponsorship gives you access to our private FB Group BAWCS Shelter and Sanctuary Sponsors where you’ll be able to get updates on how Sniffy is going.

Don’t want to sponsor but would still like to donate? Click here to make a donation. Please use the reference SNIFFY so we know to allocate your funds to her vet bill.

Sniffy will remain in care at Bendigo Pet Vets – Mobile Veterinary Clinic on pain relief and other appropriate medication until she returns to the Shelter (and best bud Langford ) towards the end of the week.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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ON Monday 22 May City of Greater Bendigo voted to introduce 24-hour cat containment.

The 24-hour cat containment requirements start from 1 July 2024 so cat owners have 12months to get themselves sorted to make sure their cats are contained.

BAWCS has always promoted cat safety by not allowing your cats to be outside and to compliment their environmental enrichment indoors, encourage access to enclosed outdoor spaces.

Recently BAWCS Shelter was contacted by a supporter who wanted to donate her cat park which was no longer being used by her cat. We contacted Jamie from Cat Parks Bendigo to see if he would ‘uninstall’ and reinstall at our Shelter for free. The answer was yes!

So what grew from this was an idea that would not only promote responsible and safe cat management but also benefit BAWCS and Jamie’s family run business Cat Parks Bendigo and Cat Netting Bendigo.

As you can see from our video, our great cat park has been installed at the front of our Shelter so visitors can see exactly what these great cat parks can look like. They can be as small or big as you like and tailored to the space you have.

We’ll also have information and contact details for Cat Parks Bendigo and Cat Netting Bendigo to hand out for those interested.

Every referral from BAWCS Shelter that results in an installation will see us receive a $50 donation so even if you just see this post, contact Jamie for a quote etc. and decide to go ahead, mentioning BAWCS will mean you are helping us get a $50 donation! Too easy.

More information on Cat Parks Bendigo here

Click here for link to Cat Netting Bendigo photo gallery for great ideas as well.

Shout out to Jamie for his support and quality work. BAWCS looks forward to working together in promoting responsible and safe cat management.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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prevent dog bites

WITH yet another call from a parent of a toddler concerned about their dog they have had for over 6 years reacting negatively, time for our ‘managing toddlers and children’ post.

It can be very stressful for a dog when a small ‘being’ comes into the home environment.

Just as you would manage any situation with your toddler to keep them safe, interactions with the family dog need to be carefully managed as well.

You do not have to choose between your family pet and your child when both can live harmoniously and safely. It is simply a matter of managing the situation and not allowing interactions between child and dog that can lead to dangerous situations.

This includes not allowing your child to push your dog to where there is no alternative but to react negatively.

Some tips –

  • NEVER leave your dog and toddler unsupervised.
  • Put baby gates into play allowing your dog and toddler safe space away from each other especially when your dog is eating.
  • Teach your toddler respect for your dog’s toys. If your child picks up the dog’s toys, take them away advising the toy belongs to your dog and give your toddler a toy that belongs to them in its place.
  • Teach your child how to be gentle with your dog when interacting with it.
  • Watch your dog’s body language. If it is showing signs of being uncomfortable in a situation, remove your pet immediately.

Learn more here.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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Little legs vet update

It’s that time again and this year we are aiming our Appeal at two very special BAWCS Shelter animals (Little Legs and Duncan) – both examples of the work we do. Once you have read their stories, we do hope you will support our work via our Mid Year fundraiser – and remember, all donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

LITTLE LEGS is one of BAWCS Shelter’s special needs cats. She was only 6 months old, when she arrived in October 2018. Diagnosed with Spina Bifida, (a birth defect where the spinal chord does not form correctly), Little Legs has been living a well managed and happy life with us.

Little Legs recently underwent a veterinary procedure and unfortunately developed complications afterwards. Admitted to emergency care, her life hanging in the balance, we held our breath when advised she was critical. Things were ‘touch and go’ at the start of treatment, but with amazing and intensive veterinary care, Little Legs prognosis is now good with a full recovery in time.

As you can imagine this care comes at quite a cost but BAWCS would not deny care if there was a chance of survival / recovery. We are now facing a vet bill in excess of $13,000 so have decided to dedicate our mid year fundraiser to Little Legs’ bill.

DUNCAN – AS many supporters know, BAWCS Shelter has a ‘return anytime for any reason policy’ when we adopt out. When we take on a dog (or cat) it is a lifetime commitment to us even after they are adopted as circumstances can change for the new home.

This situation has eventuated for new arrival (return) Duncan who was adopted back in 2015. Now a senior, we will be looking for a great new home so he can spend his retirement where he’ll receive the love, care and comfort he deserves.

Duncan has had a vet check where he was brought up to date with vaccination and monthly arthritis injection. Also noted was a perianal mass and whilst not causing any issues, we have decided it would be best removed.

Duncan is booked in for surgery next week and will be ‘good to go’ from then on. Without our Policy, we dread to think what might have happened to Duncan as he’s not what a lot of people would consider a great option for adoption.

Your donation to our Appeal will help cover his veterinary care and the time he is with us which will be for however long it takes to find the right home.

Donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

So we do hope you will continue to support our work via our Mid Year Fundraising Appeal this year, we can’t do it without you!

Click here to view our donation options. Please use reference MID YEAR APPEAL.

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