ON Monday 22 May City of Greater Bendigo voted to introduce 24-hour cat containment.

The 24-hour cat containment requirements start from 1 July 2024 so cat owners have 12months to get themselves sorted to make sure their cats are contained.

BAWCS has always promoted cat safety by not allowing your cats to be outside and to compliment their environmental enrichment indoors, encourage access to enclosed outdoor spaces.

Recently BAWCS Shelter was contacted by a supporter who wanted to donate her cat park which was no longer being used by her cat. We contacted Jamie from Cat Parks Bendigo to see if he would ‘uninstall’ and reinstall at our Shelter for free. The answer was yes!

So what grew from this was an idea that would not only promote responsible and safe cat management but also benefit BAWCS and Jamie’s family run business Cat Parks Bendigo and Cat Netting Bendigo.

As you can see from our video, our great cat park has been installed at the front of our Shelter so visitors can see exactly what these great cat parks can look like. They can be as small or big as you like and tailored to the space you have.

We’ll also have information and contact details for Cat Parks Bendigo and Cat Netting Bendigo to hand out for those interested.

Every referral from BAWCS Shelter that results in an installation will see us receive a $50 donation so even if you just see this post, contact Jamie for a quote etc. and decide to go ahead, mentioning BAWCS will mean you are helping us get a $50 donation! Too easy.

More information on Cat Parks Bendigo here

Click here for link to Cat Netting Bendigo photo gallery for great ideas as well.

Shout out to Jamie for his support and quality work. BAWCS looks forward to working together in promoting responsible and safe cat management.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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