It’s certainly starting to get chilly at night!

Here are some great tips for keeping your dogs warm.

  1. The best one of course is to have them inside with you to enjoy the warmth your family is experiencing. They are family members after all.
  2. Coats. If your dog is going to be spending the night outside, and in particular if they are a short coat breed, invest in a good quality and correct fitting coat. Make sure it is not too tight so your dog can still curl up.
  3. Shelter. For dogs that have to spend time outside during the day (and night) it is important they have shelter preferably under a patio and with a kennel which is placed close to a main human entry/exit point of the house and 2. off the ground to avoid drafts.
  4. Ensure there are plenty of clean blankets to snuggle into in their kennels.
  5. If you regularly groom, allow coats to grow a little longer for added warmth but not too long that fur becomes matted or causes an issue with not being able to dry your dog properly if they become wet whilst out on a walk.
  6. During the colder months pets need more energy to keep themselves warm so feed the main meal in the evening.

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