Our wish list

We understand that some people would prefer to donate specific items in need. These items would greatly assist us with the day-to-day care of our animals and support our operational needs.

For our cats

  • Any premium dry cat food (sold in stores like Petstock and Petbarn)
  • Whiskas wet food tins (Special Needs Cats & wet food nights for all shelter cats)
  • Towels, blankets and flannelette sheets
  • Feliway Diffusers/Sprays
  • Felix wet food sachets
  • Royal Canin Kitten dry food
  • Royal Canin Feline Urinary and Sensible dry food (Special Needs Cats)
  • Cat scratching posts – all sizes
  • Cat All Wormer tablets
  • 3 Piece Cat Scratchers from Kmart ($12 each)
  • Cat beds
  • Cat carriers (good working condition only please)

For our dogs

  • Pet Poop Scooper
  • Raised dog beds
  • Large blankets
  • Any premium dry dog food (sold in stores like Petstock and Petbarn)
  • Dog wet food tins (any brand apart from “no name” brands)
  • Dog worming tablets/flea treatments

For our sanctuary animals

The following products can be sourced at CEPA Farm Supplies.  If you don’t want to call in, just give them a call on 03 5443 6072 and make payment over the phone. If you don’t want to pick up and deliver the donation to our Shelter, just let us know and we will pick up direct from CEPA.

  • Purastock Custom mix pellets ( horses & pigs)
  • Purastock layer pellets (chickens,  roosters, ducks & geese)
  • Barastock Darling Downs poultry feed or other  ‘grain based’ feed.  CEPA have their own brand of I.Q  (chickens, roosters, ducks & geese)
  • Oaten and/or Lucerne Hay (cows, horses, goats & sheep)
  • Oaten and/or mixed Chaff (horses, goats & sheep)
  • Straw – bedding for all animals
  • Bran (pigs)
  • Pollard (horses)
  • New horse rugs (or as new condition) in the following sizes:

6’0″/183 cm – 6’3″/190 cm

6’3″/190 cm – 6’6″/198 cm

6’6″/198 cm – 6’9″/206 cm

Miscellaneous Items

  • Hand held steam cleaners
  • Trees/plants to provide shade for animals
  • Petrol Gift Cards
  • A4 White Copy Paper
  • A4 Lamination sheets

If you can assist with any of the above items, please contact us. Donations can also be dropped off at our Shelter but with over 100 farm and companion animals in our care, we are very busy cleaning and feeding so we do ask that you check our visit us page prior to coming out.

To learn more about what we do, please check out Our Work page.

Thank you for your support!