THIS is Dakota. She has quite the history with BAWCS Shelter.

This beautiful girl came into BAWCS care as part of a litter of puppies in 2012. You can see her ‘baby’ photo here. Camille was first adopted at 11 weeks of age to a young couple who called her Dakota.

In June 2017 Dakota was surrendered back to BAWCS Shelter due to a marriage breakdown. She ended up with the husband but he was unable to manage Dakota’s separation anxiety issues. BAWCS Shelter was glad to have Dakota back and our dog trainer Sahil from Elite Canines Training stepped in to work with Dakota and better understand her so we could make sure the next home would be hopefully a forever one.

It does take a toll on dogs to be adopted then returned so BAWCS takes a second rehoming with even more care, even holding the dog if needed.

In August 2018, we thought we had found the perfect home for Dakota. She went ‘on trial’ and Sahil worked with the family ensuring they knew she would need to be an indoor / crated dog when no one was home, otherwise she would escape if left in their backyard.

Unfortunately, circumstances changed and Dakota did end up escaping from a backyard and was hit by a car, which resulted in having her leg amputated.

Dakota’s family moved her in with another family member who was at home most of the time and she managed well, enjoying her time whilst there was someone around. However, the family member had to move and could not take Dakota with him so she was once again returned to the original family members. The home environment did not allow for her to be kept secure so Dakota ended up once again in a situation where she was not safe.

BAWCS Shelter was contacted and we immediately said we would take her back.

Since being back, she’s been health checked which determined she needed a dental (now done) and she has been started on medication to address anxiety. Photos are of her recovering at Bendigo Pet Vets – Mobile Veterinary Clinic and the teeth that were removed.

She’s bunking in with Harrison and doing well. Tonight we are listing her for adoption but we are wanting her to be on the medication for at least 6 weeks (for it to kick in) and two weeks have passed so far.

Our beautiful girl is now 10 years old and she has ‘frosting’ on her eyebrows and muzzle. We are determined to make sure her third home is her ‘forever’ one.

Check out Dakota’s profile here.
Microchip #956000008838988 Source # BR101543

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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