Mission statement

Churchie “Caring with Compassion”

BAWCS is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing a safe, caring and enriched environment for abused, injured and unwanted animals. We work in rescue, rehabilitation, animal welfare advocacy, responsible pet ownership education and support, and are committed to rehoming for life.

We embrace our philosophy of caring with compassion by operating a “no kill” animal shelter and farm animal sanctuary, together with nurturing the important relationship between pets and their owners by providing advice and support in times of need.

Statement of Purposes:

  • Care for animals until ready to be rehomed.
  • Ensure that animals are suitably rehomed for life by committed owners.
  • Provide support once an animal has been re-homed.
  • Provide permanent housing and care at specifically designated areas of BAWCS for animals not deemed suitable for general rehoming.
  • Arrange for all behavioural problems to be assessed by a fully qualified Animal Behaviourist specialist.
  • Not discriminate between animals that have different care needs or prospects for rehoming.
  • Only resort to euthanasia if an animal:
    • Has fatal injuries, an incurable illness or a seriously debilitating physical or mental condition and a reasonable quality of life cannot be maintained by veterinary care; or
    • has repeatedly attacked other animals or people and cannot be retrained;
    • And never for economic reasons.
  • Provide specialised animal welfare services to the community via Community Support Programs.
  • Educate and support the community in responsible pet ownership and the moral and ethical treatment of animals.
  • Aid all persons in the community who are in need of assistance concerning the care and management of pets.