Making a bequest

What happens to your pets if you are unable to care for them?

Bequest Photo

Founded in 2003, Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services will ensure pets are either fostered into a new home and a new life that reflects the wishes of their former owners, or they remain in comfort at our facility where they will be loved and cared for just as they have always been.

Please refer to the Pet Bequest Program document below for suggested ‘wording’ or contact us for more details.

Pet Bequest Program

Please contact us for our “Guide to Bequest amounts” to check if your pet is eligible for our Program. Tel: 0417 382 741 or email: [email protected]

BAWCS recommends you consult a professional legal advisor to make sure the correct wording is used to ensure the wishes of your Bequest are clear and are met.

Don’t forget to let us know once you have made your Will and we will send you a free BAWCS Bequest Program fridge magnet, so that your wishes are clear regarding your pet/s in the event of an emergency.

Don’t have pets but would like to leave a lasting legacy to help animals in need?

You don’t have to have pets to make a Bequest to BAWCS.  Your bequest will assist our organisation in our future work of caring for animals in need.