Meet Melina

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Melina's Story

Melina is such a cute friendly girl. She has an outgoing nature and loves people. She is very affectionate and will seek you out for love and pats. She is generally pretty quiet but she does have a distinct meow that she will greet you with. Her two signature moves are ‘kneading’ and head smooching.

Melina is often overlooked for adoption as she requires a specific diet (and medications if flare ups) to keep her sensitivities to some food allergens under control.

Her placid and friendly nature means that she gets along quite well with other cats and is used to sharing. With the right cat, she doesn’t mind snuggling up or napping in the snuggle bed. She will make a great addition to a loving home.

Your sponsorship will help support Melina’s diet of sensitive stomach and skin and ongoing veterinary care.

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