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Truffelina and Porcini's Story

Truffelina and Porcini both arrived at the BAWCS Shelter as piglets, and are best buds.

Originally living on a farm, Truffelina’s owners had to relocate and her future was looking very bleak! A compassionate friend took her in temporarily, realising that her residential property was not the ideal environment and contacted BAWCS in the hope of finding a permanent home for her.

On arrival at the shelter, it was quite clear that she was not comfortable with human interaction but with patience and care, we have slowly gained her trust.

She is very inquisitive and as a young piglet, she had an obsession with chewing on her carers shoes and untying the laces. It was an exciting step when she finally rolled over for tummy rubs, a true sign of her trust growing for her human carers!

Like all pigs, Truffelina is keen to explore. Their flat snouts are ideal for digging up the ground, one of many natural instincts which are denied to pigs who are being housed in intensive farming environments.

Being the social animals they are, it is important they have the company of others and when we became aware of Porcini needing a home, we knew she was the perfect companion for Truffelina.

After being rescued from a council pound, Porcini found herself at the BAWCS Shelter and we were instantly smitten with this sweet little girl who loved rolling over for tummy rubs and took no time at all in getting up to piglet mischief with her new friend.

We’re so delighted to have Truffelina and Porcini as permanent residents in our Farm Friends Program, where we continue to watch them grow and play….and live the happy (and long) life they deserve.

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