Meet Diamond and Sapphire

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Diamond and Sapphire's Story

Diamond and Sapphire are two of the most durable gems in the world, able to stand the test of time….

Diamond and Sapphire are also two special friends, who have been paddock mates for years….

In October 2014 they were impounded, after their elderly owner had been hospitalised and no longer able to care for them. Months later, they were faced with an unknown future when they were listed for auction at the livestock pound.

When BAWCS became aware of their story, we knew it was unlikely these best friends would remain safe together and just as their name suggests, we wanted their friendship to stand the test of time.

We were thrilled to be able to give them sanctuary together. Not only ensuring they were both able to live out their natural lives but they could do so together.

Sapphire’s wild mane reflects her personality well, being a little bit wild at heart. She is a cautious girl who is slow to trust and is never far from her friend Diamond, who is a gentle giant. Since arriving at our shelter, their friendship is clear and we have been touched by the special bond between this unlikely pair.

Our pair of gems will now continue to share their lives together as permanent residents of our Farm Friends Program. Your sponsorship will help ensure they are provided with all they need, including feed and veterinary care if required.

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