Meet Little Legs

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Little Legs' Story

Little Legs was only 6 months old, when she arrived in our care in October 2018.

It was clear this little sweet heart had already been through some challenges, unable to use her back legs or have any control over her toileting. Her story struck a chord with all of us and we desperately wanted to give her a better life.

Her initial vet diagnosis was Spina Bifida, a birth defect where the spinal chord does not form correctly. With no cure available, we were devastated to learn that we would be unable to improve her movement or fix her incontinence but were committed to making her life as comfortable as possible.

We soon realised that Little Legs had her own unique way of “scooting” around and one of her biggest challenges appeared to be her incontinence. Her tail made it difficult to keep her dry, which led to ulcers requiring antibiotic treatment and around the clock care to keep her dry and allow her to heal. We made the decision to have her tail amputated at the time of her desexing surgery to better manage her incontinence.

At the time of her surgery, Xrays were also taken to confirm her diagnosis. Xrays appeared to show a crushed vertebrae, which may have been due to an injury however further specialist diagnosis would be required.

Little Legs did not appear to be in any pain however we wanted to give her the opportunity to have corrective surgery, if this was an option and the Little Legs Fundraising Appeal was launched! With the kindness of our supporters, our target was reached and she was able to be fully assessed by a specialist vet.

Unfortunately, at the time of the appointment Little Legs was battling another urinary infection and yet another challenge for our sweet girl. Following her consultation, including further tests and a CT Scan, it was confirmed that her diagnosis was Spina Bifida and surgery was not an option.

Little Legs is on the mend from her infection and back to her usual happy and playful self, taking every opportunity to be near her best bud Blizzard (another of our permanent residents).

We will continue to manage her condition, and closely monitor her health to ensure she’s happy and comfortable.

Your sponsorship will help support her ongoing veterinary expenses and care.

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