Meet Langford

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Langford's Story

Langford came into BAWCS Shelter Special Needs Cat Program when her owner passed away due to ill health.  Fortunately arrangements had been made via the owner’s Will for Langford to come to us, ensuring a safe future and initial financial support.

Langford was born with only a partial jaw which accounts for her ‘quirky’ look and whilst she can eat dry food, her preference is ‘wet’ which she scoops up. This means she wears a lot of food on her chest so she has regular baths to keep her fresh and clean. Unlike many cats, Langford luckily doesn’t mind being bathed.

Langford has her best bud Sniffy (also available for sponsorship) to keep her company as she lives out her days in comfort, not wanting for anything.

Your sponsorship will go towards ensuring Langford maintains good health with veterinary care as required, lots of yummy food, shampoo, toys to keep her entertained and a roof over her head.

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