Meet Abbey and Bella

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Abbey and Bella's Story

Meet Abbey (brown markings) and Bella (black markings) who arrived at the BAWCS sanctuary in December 2014.

Abbey and Bella (previously Pearle & Merle) were originally rescued by Edgars Mission who contacted BAWCS asking if we could take on two “bobby calves”, a term commonly used to describe newborn calves less than 30 days old, which have been separated from their mothers. Considered “wastage” by the dairy industry, they are destined for slaughter not long after leaving the farm.

In the case of Abbey & Bella, their father (a British white bull) jumped a neighbouring dairy farm fence and unlike the majority of calves born on such farms, they have found their hooves on safe ground at the BAWCS sanctuary.

With their cute matching nose and ear markings, and slightly uncoordinated long legs, they were a picture of innocence. We admired their beautiful long lashes and their tendency to lick everyone. We fell in love with their cheeky nature, often giving a little head butt or kicking up their heels in protest, at the end of a bottle feeding.

We have been privileged to watch Abbey and Bella grow into the beautiful young girls they are today. Never far from each other, they now share the “grown up” paddock with Moonbeam and Martin.

Unlike the 400,000 bobby calves destined for slaughter every year in Australia, Abbey & Bella will be able to see out their natural lives in BAWCS care, as permanent residents of our Farm Friends Program.

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