Meet Ayla

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Ayla's Story

Ayla is a lovely senior who was surrendered into BAWCS care in 2015 at 10 years of age. She’s been waiting patiently for the right new home to come along, safe until that happens.

When she developed a thick crust on her nose we were concerned it could be cancer, as prior to coming into our care she did like to spend a lot of time outdoors. We also noticed she wasn’t weight bearing on one paw so off to the vet she went.

A biopsy was taken of both nose and paw as two toes were also crusty. When the results came back it was good news not to be cancer however Ayla has pemphigus foliaceus (PF), which was causing dermatologic lesions on her face and paws. Currently there is no cure for pemphigus foliaceus but it can be managed successfully with injections every 6 weeks, the aim of treatment to put the disease into remission.

Even though Ayla is no longer suitable for ‘general adoption’ her future is still secure with BAWCS Shelter and she is now part of our Special Needs Cats Program. The Program allows for ‘supported foster care’ external to the shelter to suitable applicants and also for sponsorship whilst remaining in BAWCS care.

Your sponsorship support will assist with covering the cost of her ongoing care, further vet visits every 6 weeks and lots of yummy food and treats.

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