VERA & TRIP Adopted!

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Adoption Story

VERA AND TRIP have been adopted! Originally surrendered to BAWCS due to a family illness, we wanted to keep these two together as they do share a close bond. Our mother and son combo Vera and Trip have landed on all four paws with their new family and are settling in well to their new home.

Here’s the first update by new ‘mum and dad’……”They’ve settled in well and are enjoying being inside with us. They are such well behaved little dogs! Only one accident inside on a rug but otherwise they’ve taken to the dog door really well. They’re loving cuddles and walks and they both loved having their coats brushed. We love having them here and are having so much fun getting to know them. Thank you so much for bringing them into our lives”.

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    Thanks so to BAWCS for helping us to help our dogs Vera and Trip find a new home. We are over the moon that they were able to stay together as Trip has never known anything else.
    We are so glad they have settled in well with their new Mum and Dad, they seem perfect and are giving them all the love and attention they need and deserve. 😊 Thanks.
    Without BAWCS we don’t know what we would have done but luckily we found them and they accepted our dogs. So once again Thank you. πŸ™‚

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