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Adoption Story

THOR has been adopted! Our big cuddly teddy bear was not always this way. He originally arrived in BAWCS care back in October 2016 with a leg wound. During that time our vet confirmed that he was FIV positive. After his leg healed, he then went on to have surgery to correct an issue with his inner eyelids irritating his eyes and he has never looked back since!

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus which affects the immune system in cats and their ability to fight off infection. Many FIV positive cats can live happily for many years, especially with the right nutrition and care. We are so happy that Thor’s new ‘mum & dad’ had done their research and were able to look beyond his FIV to see the awesome character he is! We’ve already had an update from proud new parents who shared a picture of him on his new favourite blanket. We also hear he has been kneading everything in sight (and purring) and was up exploring his new house until 4am!

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