MINDI Adopted!

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Mindi Adopted

Adoption Story

𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐈 (on the right) has been ‘on trial’ and today her adoption was formalised. Her new family includes a big brother who is teaching her some doggy stuff, things that humans can’t.

Mindi was entrusted to BAWCS Shelter’s care for rehoming as her previous owner wasn’t able to commit to what is required to bring up a well adjusted young dog, including training.

Not in this particular case, but often BAWCS hears that a young dog is misbehaving or needs more discipline when generally the behaviour (such as chewing or destroying things they shouldn’t) just needs to be redirected / managed so they can express their natural instincts of being a pup and grow up to be a well adjusted and happy dog. 

Shout out to BAWCS dog trainer Sahil from Elite Canines Training for his involvement with Mindi’s assessment, ‘meet and greet’, including the initial correct way to introduce Molly to her new brother and ongoing support if required.

Mindi won hearts when she was in our care and we look forward to updates from her new family as she settles in more, including cute pics like the one in this post!

Have a great life little one, you deserve it.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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  1. Avatar Joan Hall says:

    Thank you for finding a perfect place for Mindi. She needs a “big brother” and a younger family to look after her. She looks so happy. Thank you again. God bless

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