BOO Adopted!

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Boo Adopted

Adoption Story

LOOK who’s been adopted! Our precious boy Boo has been ‘on trial’ and today we formalised his adoption.

From being trapped as a kitten back in April 2018 with his brother Benito (check it out here 👉 ) , then going into foster care to learn to trust humans, the brothers then came back to BAWCS Shelter ready for adoption. As they were still a little wary of new people, they didn’t really ‘sell themselves’ when the Adoption Cattery was open on Saturdays, so it has been a patient wait for them both to become more confident.

BAWCS Shelter has a ‘no kill’ policy, so the boys were safe with us for however long it would take for them to find a new home. Our cats aren’t kept in cages, instead open rooms sharing with other cats with access to an enclosed outdoor area so they have environmental enrichment.

Boo’s new ‘mum’ was taken by his tentative affection when she met him but realised a change of environment would set him back a bit.

With the right preparation of a ‘base camp’ for Boo to initially get used to his new surrounds, he was gradually introduced to more of his new environment and after two weeks, turned a corner in becoming more settled. It can take even longer for some cats to settle so we were pleased with his progress.

Thanks to Boo’s new mum for her patience with allowing Boo to take the time he needed to let her know he was going to be happy.

We look forward to updates on this handsome boy.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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