TRIXIE Adopted!

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Adoption Story

TRIXIE has been adopted!

Her back story is a heartbreaker – “3 August 2014 NEW ARRIVAL… Trixie was left behind when her owners moved out of the house. The new people weren’t moving in for 72 hours so Trixie was left on her own for that time. The owners left a note “please take care of Trixie”, passing on the responsibility of their cat to unknown people who were mortified. They tried their best for over 2 months to make Trixie happy but it just wasn’t working so Trixie has come into BAWCS care”.

Trixie wasn’t the friendliest of cats in our care, not surprising after being abandoned by her previous family like she was. We still ask ourselves ‘who leaves their cat behind when they move?’ Over the years we’ve learnt that quite a few people seem to think this is acceptable.

Fortunately Trixie ended up where she was safe forever, no matter how cranky she was, no matter for how long it would take to find the right fit for her.

Whilst Trixie did end up becoming a smoocher, the years came along and not everyone wants to adopt a senior cat, despite her ‘selling herself’ when they would come. It really saddened us.

Well today, after two weeks on a trial with people who were won over by Trixie at their ‘meet and greet’ with her, the day finally arrived for Trixie to have what she deserves. A wonderful new home where she is already adored.

Her new family has a resident feline, also a senior and things look like they are going to work out perfectly all round.

Trixie watched as her paperwork was being signed, we took a photo to commemorate.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’