SOPHIE Adopted!

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Adoption Story

Sophie has been on trial and yesterday her adoption was formalised!

We’re not surprised that this special girl won her new ‘dad’ over. Such a sweet heart, with a happy nature and still doing play bows and twirls despite her age.

Sophie came into BAWCS care when her previous owner wasn’t able to care for her any longer and part of this care included ongoing veterinary support. Sophie requires care for her ‘itchy’ skin which is easily managed with monthly injections, a much happier dog now these have commenced.

BAWCS also had bloodwork done as standard pre adoption screening of seniors to ensure pets are in good health prior to being offered for adoption. As Sophie wasn’t desexed (at 13!) this was also important to ensure she could handle surgery, which all went well.

Landing on all four paws, we think this little lady has a lot more years left, especially under the care of her new besotted Dad.

Have a great rest of your life Sophie, you certainly deserve it!

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’