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Porteous Adopted

Adoption Story

PORTEOUS has been adopted! Another of our long term cats in care, his new family made a 6 hour round trip to meet our big beautiful ginger boy! We love that they are so accepting of his quirks and were very pleased to get this great update from them soon after taking him home.

“Porteous complained loudly for a lot of the trip home and then went to sleep. He survived ok but I wouldn’t do that to him too often, he was stressed.
When we arrived home he was a bit spooked by the new environment and he has chosen under the sofa as his safe place.
He is eating ok and seems happy. We’ve had a few really good games. He meowed a couple of times during the night but settled down ok. He is becoming really confident wandering around the house. He loves his food. I have attached some photos of Porteous settling in. Will keep in touch.”

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