ORENJI Adopted!

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Adoption Story

ORENJI has been adopted! All our cat adoptions are special but this one is extra special as Orenji is FIV positive. There are a lot of misconceptions about FIV in cats and some outdated shelters will automatically euthanase cats that have it.

FIV is a slow-progressing virus that can compromise a cat’s immune system, reducing its ability to fight off illnesses. The virus has a long latent period then progresses so slowly that it may NEVER affect a cat. Cats can live happy and long lives and can even cohabit with non FIV cats.

Orenji’s new family fell in love with him on their first meeting, did their research and decided to go ahead with the adoption.

We’ve had a couple of updates already.

“He is settling in beautifully- he is really quite snuggly, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cat purr so much. He is great with the kids, I’ll attach some photos as promised”

“Orenji seems very happy and settled. He tolerates the kids really well. He is very sweet and seeks us out on the couch for a snuggle after the kids are in bed (or maybe its just the woollen blankets he likes!) Anyhow, we love him and haven’t had any dramas keeping him inside.”

Have a great life Orenji. Now, just to get Rusty adopted (another of our FIV positive cats).

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