NALA Adopted!

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Nala Adopted

Adoption Story

NALA has been adopted! Another of Ehlonna’s kittens, Nala has been ‘on trial’ in her new home for a few weeks, to ensure that the resident cat Thor approved of his new little cat mate. Thor (a previous BAWCS cat) also happens to be FIV positive.

There are so many misconceptions about FIV cats but luckily, these ‘cat parents’ did their research to find out that FIV cannot be passed on via normal day to day interactions like mutual grooming or playing, or shared items like bowls, litter boxes etc. FIV is spread via deep bite wounds during intense fights but with the right introduction and careful consideration of each cat’s personality, some FIV cats can really benefit from a friend.

Thor is a social and placid boy so his parents thought he would enjoy the companionship and play with the ‘right’ cat. It is impossible not to fall in love with the sweet and energetic Nala and we’re thrilled that was the case with the whole family, including Thor. We look forward to hearing updates as their new little friendship continues to blossom.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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