DORIS Adopted!

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Doris Adopted

Adoption Story

BAWCS is delighted to advise that DORIS (previously Sara) has been adopted!

Back in 2012 we adopted out a beautiful 2 year old dog named Sara. She went to a great home where there was another dog and they became fast friends. Last year the best bud of Sara passed away and it appears this had a major impact on her. The other change in her stable home environment was the arrival of a new baby which soon grew into a toddler causing another major upheaval in Sara’s life. BAWCS policy is to take back any dog that we adopt out if things change and it’s not working out any longer so we opened our arms and happily welcomed back Sara when her previous owners called to surrender her.

For the last 2 months, BAWCS has been working on rebuilding Sara’s confidence whilst awaiting for the right new home to come along. One of our wonderful volunteers Lee, fell in love with this sensitive girl  and gave her a new name of ‘Doris’. Once listed for adoption, we received a great application for this special girl and after a successful ‘meet and greet’, Doris sailed off into the sunset with her new family. It certainly sounds like it’s been a great match with the first update from her new family below.


Well first of all Doris is now FORREST!!
Haha it sounds a lot like Doris so we thought it would be ok with her..and it is.

We fell in love with Forrest after looking at her sad videos and 10 days ago we brought her home to our family in Geelong!

Since then she has come in leaps and bounds with her confidence and getting to know us, her new home, the routine, going on lots of new walks to parks and down to the river, meeting new dogs and people – she is so friendly!

She’s coming along in trusting that we’ll be there for her she was such a scared and anxious girl. Now she loves jumping up into the back of the car, getting strapped in, to go on an adventure. We can’t wait to take her to the beach! She still has a little bit to go with her developing confidence ie. at the vet (hehe) and cowering down sometimes when you go to pat her but she’s well and truely coming along.

She loves belly scratches and will not hesitate in asking for one! She sleeps with us on our bed, sleeps on the couch and when in deep sleep her legs twitch all over the place it’s so cute! She is a joy. And she lovesss having a bath, loves the warm water.
Thank you so much to Debbie and the team in Bendigo you are all so fantastic!! 🙏🏻💗

BAWCS is so delighted with this great update and we look forward to hearing more on how Forrest blossoms in her new home.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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