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Bright Eyes Adopted

Adoption Story

BRIGHT EYES has officially been ADOPTED! This shy senior has been “on trial” in her new home and has slowly been progressing, in her own time. As one of our long term shelter cats, she has spent the majority of her 14 years safe in BAWCS care. Having been diagnosed with Feline Asthma and having a very timid nature, we knew it would be someone special to take on this beautiful girl. With the support of BAWCS and such a committed lady, we are so pleased to report that the trial has been a success. We are thrilled to see she has found “her spot” on the bed and much to our surprise has even been playing with a toy or two. We are so happy to have found someone so patient and accepting of her little quirks and to see Bright Eyes relaxing into her new home. Enjoy your retirement sweet girl.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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