Pet Boarding – Terms and conditions

Terms of Boarding Agreement

I agree to the following conditions for Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services (BAWCS) to care for my pet/s as described below.

I acknowledge that whilst every care will be taken when boarding my pet/s, I agree to indemnify BAWCS against all claims should an accident occur resulting in the illness, injury or death of my pet/s, damage of any kind or should my pet/s be lost or stolen.

I acknowledge that BAWCS will take all steps to inform me immediately if veterinary treatment is required or should my pet/s be lost or stolen.

In the event that I am unable to be contacted, I agree to allow BAWCS to make the decision for emergency veterinary care for my pet/s without consultation with me, and I understand all veterinary costs incurred will be at my expense.

I understand that I will be charged a $25 Transport Fee per visit, if a BAWCS representative is required to transport my pet for veterinary treatment whilst boarding.

Pets must be dropped off and picked up within the advertised operating hours of Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services.

I agree that I am solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of the pet while it is in BAWCS care.

Under no circumstances will BAWCS be held responsible for any items lost, destroyed or left behind on these premises such as toys, bedding, collars, etc.

BAWCS has the right to refuse admission of any animal.

I agree to advise BAWCS immediately should my provided contact details change.

I understand all pet/s must have a current vaccination within the last 12 months and at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. A Vaccination Certificate must be provided on check in. All dogs must have had a C5 vaccination and either a F3 or F4 vaccination for cats.

Pet/s are to arrive free of worms, fleas and any contagious illness. If worms and/or fleas are detected, treatment will be administered and costs charged to the owner accordingly.

All medications must be in original packaging accompanied by Veterinarian dosage instructions.

50% payment required to secure booking and remaining balance to be paid at check in.

Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to booking will forfeit the deposit.

For extended stays, all boarding fees are required to be paid on a fortnightly basis.

There is no refund or credit for early holiday returns. All board rates are charged on a calendar day basis and the full period booked will be charged.