Children and dogs

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WITH yet another call from a parent of a toddler concerned about their dog they have had for over 6 years reacting negatively, time for our ‘managing toddlers and children’ post.

It can be very stressful for a dog when a small ‘being’ comes into the home environment.

Just as you would manage any situation with your toddler to keep them safe, interactions with the family dog need to be carefully managed as well.

You do not have to choose between your family pet and your child when both can live harmoniously and safely. It is simply a matter of managing the situation and not allowing interactions between child and dog that can lead to dangerous situations.

This includes not allowing your child to push your dog to where there is no alternative but to react negatively.

Some tips –

  • NEVER leave your dog and toddler unsupervised.
  • Put baby gates into play allowing your dog and toddler safe space away from each other especially when your dog is eating.
  • Teach your toddler respect for your dog’s toys. If your child picks up the dog’s toys, take them away advising the toy belongs to your dog and give your toddler a toy that belongs to them in its place.
  • Teach your child how to be gentle with your dog when interacting with it.
  • Watch your dog’s body language. If it is showing signs of being uncomfortable in a situation, remove your pet immediately.

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