ZELDA Adopted!

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Zelda Adopted

Adoption Story

ZELDA has been adopted! This precious girl came into BAWCS care in 2015 with her brother Zed, who was previously adopted. Ever since, Zelda has patiently been waiting for her right home to come along. A timid lass, she would hide when our Adoption Cattery was open, making it difficult for visitors to meet her. Fortunately, one of our regular volunteers took the time to get to know Zelda during her shifts in our Adoption Cattery…and fell in love with her!

Whilst our vollie hadn’t seen Zelda for quite some time after finishing her time with us, Zelda was always on her mind and she decided to apply for her. Our Adoption Committee was delighted to receive an application for one of our timid cats and after going through the assessment process, the application was approved and the adoption took place. Zelda was not keen to get into her cat carrier (the start of her next chapter of life) but after some challenges (and stress) she was in and sailing off into the sunset with her new ‘mum’.

We’ve received an update on how Zelda is settling in already and rather than hiding under the bed (which was what was expected), we got this!

“Zelda’s settling in remarkably well; she’s fairly comfortable in my presence, enjoys a pat, has eaten and drank water, used her litter box, and even had a wander around the room. She also hasn’t minded her new sparkly pink collar, even when I was adjusting it on her. I’m very surprised, and hopeful for the future!”

We are so thrilled to see one of our long term timid cats finding a home! While they may be shy at first, with a little time and patience, it is so worth the extra effort and we guarantee it will be such a rewarding experience as you continue to form a bond. Have a great new life Zelda!

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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