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Adoption Story

LOOK who’s been adopted!

VALENTINE had a rough start to life after a member of the public saw him hit by a car and he ended up at a vet.

With no owner coming forward (we suspect he didn’t have one) he arrived in BAWCS Shelter care as a very timid and scared kitten.

As Valentine grew into an adult he still remained aloof and did little to sell himself when people would visit our Adoption Cattery.

We continued to promote him however, knowing that there would be a special person out there that would give him chance.

Well, 7 years on (lucky he ended up with us, Central Victoria’s first ‘no kill’ Shelter!), Valentine has finally found a great new home!

He’s been on trial for the past 12 weeks and despite not making huge improvements in the ‘getting friendly department’, Valentine is very happy despite how he looks in the photo! He plays in the evenings when all is quiet (a true self-entertainer!), has a great appetite (supported with lots of treats) and most recently had a fantastic outdoor area installed which we have no doubt he’ll soon be using.

Valentine’s new ‘mum’ is a very patient person indeed, happy to wait until he finally decides she is ‘worthy’ of allowing patting and dare to dream, sitting on her lap! We can’t wait for updates, no matter how long it is going to take, we’re confident he’ll come round.

A great start to 2023 with our special boy finally finding a wonderful home.

Looking for a new feline family member? BAWCS Shelter has all types, including those like Valentine that will offer a challenge to a patient and understanding cat person. Check them out here.

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