CHICA Adopted!

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Adoption Story

LOOK who’s been adopted!

Chica and her daughter Marilyn have been out ‘on trial’ together and today their adoption was formalised.

Back story – Chica came into BAWCS care back in 2016 – this is her original video on arrival. Pregnant, she gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

Three of her kittens Merlin, Solomon and Piglet were adopted but Marilyn was so shy she didn’t ‘sell’ herself when people would visit the Shelter so she remained with Mum until now!

When you get an adoption application wanting not one but two cats (a bonded pair), BAWCS Shelter is super excited and looked forward to the ‘meet and greet’. With Chica being shy and only glimpses of Marilyn on the day, we hoped the interested family would not be put off and still go ahead with the trial. As we’d discussed how the meet and greet would most likely go, the family weren’t deterred and headed off to get their house ready for the start of the trial.

Imagine our delight when we heard things were going well with all the tips and information provided taken onboard and applied for a smooth transition to new ‘digs’. This great new home has a new big sister as well, Chica has fallen in love straight away as you can see from the photo.

Marilyn is still finding her paws but given her shy nature, we’re not surprised she’s taking a little longer to settle in. Her new family are able to pat and give her love and there’s a lot of activity at night! Eating, drinking and playing. A great sign of happiness and we look forward to further updates on this mother and daughter duo.

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