PANDA Adopted!

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Panda adopted

Adoption Story

PANDA has been ‘on trial’ for the past 4 weeks and today we formalised his adoption!

A shy boy, we knew a change of environment (from the Shelter) would see him ‘out of sorts’ and we were also concerned that he would miss his ‘room mates’, especially his two ‘big brothers’ Dale and Champs, but wanted to see how he went when we received a promising application for him.

It has paid off! With careful management on arrival, creating Panda’s own ‘base camp’ then slowly introducing him to other areas of the home, Panda has gained alot of confidence and now happily wanders around.

Another very important factor in him settling was his NEW ‘big brother’ who from the very start was welcoming after careful ‘scent before sight’ steps were put in place. It didn’t take long before Panda was introduced in person and the first nose to nose touch was exciting with the two bonding well.

It sounds like ‘Big Brother’ let Panda know he was onto a ‘good thing’ with his new ‘servants’ and despite a ‘hiccup’ with Panda regressing in behaviour at one stage, he was quickly back on track after the ‘talk’.

It’s so rewarding to find such great homes for cats that are timid and then see them blossom once settled. As always, we wish Panda a wonderful rest of his life, he certainly deserves it.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’