FLICK Adopted!

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Flick Adopted

Adoption Story

FLICK has been adopted! This little sweetie was one of the trio of “Wedderburn Kits” who arrived in our care at just a couple of days old. Her siblings Ajax and Willow were previously adopted together and although it may have taken Flick a little longer to find her match, reading the update below from her new family, we think the wait was worth it!

From new mum…”We both felt so elated leaving yesterday and are so glad we made the trip up to adopt from BAWCS.
Little Flick (or now Mochi!) is doing great. She is using her litter and has been eating all her food. She has slept throughout the day in a special little hidey-hole under our bed. I was a little worried overnight, as she didn’t sleep much and woke us both up at 4 with non-stop meowing, but by this morning she was good.
She is still a little skittish when we walk past her, but is loving all her new toys and has been munching on her cat grass. Although, I think her favourite toy is still the hookey ring 🙂 She’s given us both lots of cuddles and drooly nose bumps…we are just totally in love with her. I’ll send some pics of her in the next few days. Thanks again for all your help, we are so happy to have her!

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