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Ehlonna & Lelu Adopted

Adoption Story

Ehlonna and Lelu have been “on trial” and yesterday their adoption was FINALISED! We could not be happier for mother and daughter, who now have a great new home together.

Ehlonna gave birth to Lelu and her 4 siblings (previously adopted) in BAWCS care, after we rescued her from local bushland. She was pregnant and homeless, and it was clear she had not had any human contact in her young life. We were unable to handle her when she first arrived in our care and she has been very wary of people. Ehlonna is still a “work in progress”, after spending a long time initially at BAWCS Shelter, then moving to a foster care home for more intensive socialising. Lelu was the last kitten in the foster care home (of Ehlonna’s) that hadn’t been adopted so mother and daughter were re united.

Huge shout out to the lovely couple who wanted to take on two cats that would most likely be overlooked at the Shelter because they needed extra time and patience. BAWCS always feels so lucky when these types of potential adopters come along, as they have such big hearts! We look forward to updates on how these two are coming along.

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