AMARA Adopted!

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Amara Adopted

Adoption Story

AMARA has been adopted! Another of our precious little ‘orphan foursome’ has found a family! She has come a long way from the tiny little 2 week old kitten who arrived in our care, after her sibling Whipper was accidentally hit by a whipper snipper. It’s hard to let our babies go but we know that Amara will get lots of love and attention in her new home. We just hope that the resident cat, enjoys her new little fluffy friend.

A new environment is usually a bit of a stressful time for felines heading to a new home so with all that change, BAWCS recommends continuing with the same litter type to help make the process a little easier and avoid any accidents. Thanks to Catmate‚Äč, Amara started her new life all prepared with a complimentary sample bag of Catmate litter, just as she is used to. We look forward to updates as she settles into her new home. Enjoy your new life Sweetie.

Want to use BAWCS preferred cat litter for your own cats? You can now purchase 15kg bags of CATMATE via our online shop and pick up from our shelter.

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