SHIRO Adopted!

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Shiro Adopted

Adoption Story

SHIRO has been adopted! This beautiful girl has been in BAWCS care for about 18 months, after being surrendered. Her new ‘mum’ was smitten with her from the moment they met and we have no doubt she will be given the attention she deserves, including lots of brushes to keep her long coat looking its best. Thanks to our friends at Catmate, she headed off with a sample bag of litter (just as she is used to) to help her settle in. We’re so pleased to hear that Shiro has settled in well and is already booked in for a holiday in our boarding cattery later this year. Here’s an update from her new mum.

She has settled in beautifully – it is as if she has always been here. We’ve actually changed her name – to Bronte – and she responds to it already. She loves to play in her tunnel – chasing a ball and has highly-developed soccer skills. Perching on her climbing tree and looking out the window is a favoured pastime, but mostly she likes to cuddle up next to me – or on me and be brushed. It must have been so hard for you to see her go, as she is such a gentle, loving little soul.

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