LOLA Adopted!

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Lola Adopted

Adoption Story

GUESS who will be waking up tomorrow celebrating Christmas in their new home? Our precious senior Lola has secured herself a wonderful new ‘mum’ and was settling in nicely last night.

Lola came to us as a stray in 2011. No microchip and no one stepping forward to claim her so she was welcomed into BAWCS Shelter, to be safe until the right new home would come along. The wait has been well worth it….

From new besotted ‘mum’

“….had a great night with Lola. I created little beds and ‘caves’ around the place for here to hide out but she spent the night on the bed and the first couple of hours on my stomach!”

As all cat owners know, you are not allowed to move when a cat decides to lay on you.

Have a wonderful 🌲🌲Christmas 🌲🌲(and rest of your life) with your new family Lola – we look forward to further updates on how you’re settling in.

BAWCS ‘caring with compassion’

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