Christmas Appeal

IT’s that time of the year when we launch our annual Christmas Appeal! Donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

Click here for donation options. Please use reference XMAS APPEAL.

BAWCS Shelter and Sanctuary celebrated our 19 year anniversary in September this year.

As many supporters know, we were the first ‘no kill’ Shelter established in Central Victoria back in 2003.

This year we are reflecting on how our Policy has enabled so many lives to be saved, including those that have come back into our care for various reasons.

HARRISON (Harry for short) is our feature of this year’s Christmas Appeal and is a great example of this.

He first came into care as a puppy and was quickly adopted out – everyone loves a puppy! When family circumstances changed, he was returned to us (which is part of the Adoption Agreement) so he would be safe until another new home could be found.

We thought we had found that home 2nd time around but again, family circumstances (allergies) meant Harrison was put outside to live (against the Adoption Agreement terms) and it wasn’t until 3 months later we were contacted to have him come back to us.

The time outside and away from his family had a negative impact on Harrison which was sad to see. Going from a well adjusted and social dog (around other dogs), he had become quite reactive, although maintained his love of humans.

Lucky for him, he was back with us and work started with our dog trainer to get Harry to a management level for being taken for walks and meeting other dogs, important to get this sorted.

It was a slow process but we got Harry to a stage where we would be comfortable putting him up for adoption again.

It has been very important to find the right home for him, in the wrong hands could mean he ends up in a situation where his life could be on the line (if negative reaction to other dogs escalating) and being reported to authorities.

Whilst the right home still hasn’t come along, Harrison continues to enjoy his time in our Shelter, being exposed to lots of other dogs (with a positive outcome) and also spending time with our dog trainer walking around Lake Weeroona to keep him fine tuned.

We have had some negative comments about why hasn’t he been adopted but it is better for him to be safe with us than to be sent out with just anyone who doesn’t have the right experience with handling a reactive dog.

So we do hope you will continue to support our work via our Christmas Appeal this year, we can’t do it without you!

Click here for donation options. Please use reference XMAS APPEAL. Donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible.

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