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Winkle's Story

This is Winkle. BAWCS were originally contacted by one of our supporters to help locate his owner, after he had wandered onto their property. A couple of weeks later he was still ‘hanging around’ and no one had come forward to claim him. Perhaps, due to him being “cryptorchid”, he was not valued by a farmer. Cryptorchid is a condition in which one or both testes has failed to descend as normal, into the scrotum. The condition is likely to affect fertility and is often hereditary, being passed on to the lambs.

Unable to stay at his chosen refuge point, BAWCS agreed to take Winkle into our care and it was off to the vet to be castrated. He has since had some much needed care, being shorn, wormed and deloused and appears to be a lot more comfortable and settled boy.

Winkle will remain a permanent resident of our Farm Friends Program and your sponsorship will assist with his continued care.

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