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Liz and Tully

Tully's Story

One of our winter arrivals, Tully has certainly touched our hearts. This sweet little lamb arrived in our care at just a couple of days old. Clearly challenged, he was unable to stand and would not have survived the cold winter’s night ahead. Unlike the millions of lambs that die in paddocks every year, fate was on Tully’s side!

Bundled up and taken straight to the vet, he was diagnosed with suspected nerve damage during birth. He spent his first couple of weeks in BAWCS foster care, with around the clock bottle feeds. Not being able to stand, he began bottle feeding by supporting himself on his front legs only. Then every two hours during feeds, his back legs were supported to help him stand. Eventually, with lots of love and patience, our brave little boy could stand by himself!

As he built strength, he was able to walk around but then he was struck down with naval ill, a nasty infection which is common in young lambs. With daily injections, we watched him once again overcome another challenge. Tully has now grown into a healthy and happy lamb, who spends his days with his best bud Pepper (another BAWCS resident lamb) and the two of them will continue to live out their natural life in safety at the BAWCS sanctuary, eventually joining our resident BAWCS flock.

You can view one of Tully’s videos here

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