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Stella 2

Stella's Story

Stella has not had an easy journey. A missing back leg is an obvious reminder of just one of the obstacles our sweet senior has had to endure during her life.

Back in 2016, she was left behind when her family moved house. Luckily, a local resident was compassionate toward this three legged cat who deserved so much more. BAWCS was contacted to assist and she arrived in our care.

We were able to confirm that one of her back legs was removed during surgery, after being hit by a car some years prior. Stella had adapted well to life on three legs and this smoochy girl would often let you know how happy she was by head butting your hand.

It wasn’t long before she was adopted and headed off to start her new life.

With every animal who comes into BAWCS care, we have a life long commitment to them. In the case of those adopted, we will always take them back if their owner is not able to provide the care they need… and so Stella arrived back in our care in late 2018. Her health had declined and she was showing signs of vision loss.

It was straight to our vet, who confirmed her vision loss and that she had dangerously high blood pressure. We started treatment immediately and are now able to control her blood pressure with daily medication.

BAWCS will continue to provide a quiet, comfortable and familiar environment to help her feel safe, ensuring her health is regularly monitored and she always has access to the veterinary treatment she needs.

Stella is available for sponsor, foster or adoption.

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