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Socks and tiggerSocksSocks and TinkerbelleSocks and Tinkerbelle 2

Socks' Story

Our beloved Socks came into our care when he was surrendered to us, as his owner could no longer care for him.

We began to notice he was not well and following a vet visit, he was diagnosed as having a urinary tract infection and was treated accordingly.

Unfortunately, the initial treatment was not successful and even after changing to a different medication, his condition continued to deteriorate.

On return to the vet, we received heartbreaking news. X-rays revealed what appeared to be a tumor on his bladder. The x-ray showed that he had thickening around the entire bladder wall and we were advised that the tumor was inoperable.

Socks’ urinary tract was blocked, so a catheter was inserted to help clear out the debris that had accumulated. Once this catheter was removed, he was prescribed medication which he would need to continue for the rest of his days.

In February 2014 Socks was removed from our general adoption list and deemed as being in “palliative care”. He took up the role as BAWCS Shelter “office cat”, where he receives lots of attention from all of our volunteers and he loves everyone that comes to visit.

Socks loves nothing more than curling up on the closest lap and he has such a gentle nature, which is shown here with photos of Socks taking ‘escapee’ kitten ‘Tinkerbelle’ (previously adopted) under his wing. He also has a tendency to squeeze into small spaces for a nap!

As time went on, we were pleasantly surprised that Socks’ condition seemed to improve and we had his case reviewed again. X-rays revealed the growth had not increased (as you would expect with a tumor) and after further diagnoses, he was found to have an enlarged bladder. Although, we don’t believe this to be life threatening, we will continue to monitor his health and he will remain with us as “Chief Office Cat”.

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