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Smokey's Story

Smokey arrived at the BAWCS Shelter in June 2016, as a 19 month old Black Boar.
He was originally purchased as a ‘miniature’ pig at just 8 weeks of age and whilst he is smaller than the average sized pig, he will still continue to grow to around 80kgs.
He became a much loved family member, growing up with the family dog who became his best bud. Any one who has ever bonded with a pig will tell you how similar they are to dogs. They wag their tails when excited, can be taught to respond to their name and will roll over for belly rubs. A short time spent truly connecting with these amazing animals and one look into their human like eyes, will soon have you realising they are friends, not food.
Smokey is no exception. He’s a friendly and playful little character, who loves people. When his family separated and his rural home was sold, a small suburban backyard could not provide what he needed. Smokey’s family contacted BAWCS for help as they had exhausted every avenue to find him a safe and permanent home.
Smokey doesn’t have a shocking past, he wasn’t born in a piggery, nor did he become homeless in a pound but we knew he needed our help. Thanks to supporters just like you, we were able to provide a sanctuary for Smokey and ensure he would have a happy and safe life ahead.

Smokey has now joined Porcini and Truffelina in our “little pigs” paddock, along with his new ‘bro’ friend Slick.

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