Meet Sabrina

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Sabrina's Story

Sabrina belonged to a little old lady who had to go into care. Family members passed Sabrina on to another home however it was not the best place and a kind soul stepped in and took Sabrina to give her a better home environment.

Whilst well intended and indeed a good home which other cats were enjoying, Sabrina did not settle and was not willing to share her space with others. Fortunately, BAWCS shelter had room to take Sabrina in and whilst she’s been in our care, she has in fact decided some other cats aren’t that bad after all.

When Sabrina suddenly went off her food a vet visit revealed one of her tonsils was distended into her throat, which could explain her difficulty in eating. She had surgery and both tonsils were removed and sent off for biopsy to rule out anything sinister going on. Unfortunately, the biopsy result wasn’t great with sarcoma cancer being detected. Whilst this cancer is not curable, it can be managed with daily medication. There are no real side effects, allowing Sabrina to still have good quality of life. Since the tonsils were removed and she’s started on the medication, her appetite has returned and she is back to her happy self.

Even though Sabrina is no longer suitable for ‘general adoption’ her future is still secure with BAWCS shelter and she is now part of our Special Needs Cats Program. The Program allows for ‘supported foster care’ external to the shelter to suitable applicants and also for sponsorship whilst remaining in BAWCS care.

Your sponsorship support will assist with covering the cost of her ongoing care of daily cancer medication, further vet visits as required and lots of yummy food and treats.

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