Meet Rusty

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Rusty Feb 2015

Rusty's Story

Rusty first arrived in our care with a large open wound on his head and a severely damaged eye. He was a friendly boy but his untreated wounds were causing him considerable pain and discomfort.

BAWCS took him in and provided the love, care and veterinary care he needed. Following multiple surgeries and a lengthy recovery period, he’s finally the boy we always knew he would be!

Rusty is our resident “cat-dog”, often running around his area, chasing a ball or toy and always looking for mischief!

Rusty is FIV positive. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a feline virus which affects the immune system in cats and their ability to fight off infection. It can not be spread to humans, dogs, rabbits or any other animal. FIV positive cats can live for many years, especially if they are given prompt medical attention when required and good general care.  Once in good health, Rusty was recently (May 2020) diagnosed with a health issue that is not treatable and is now one of our palliative care cats at the Shelter.  Your sponsorship support will assist us to provide his ongoing care.

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