Meet Pepper

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Pepper's Story

Pepper is our little Dorper X lamb and Tully’s best friend.

She was born into a Paddock to Plate Program at a school but when she was found abandoned by mum only days old, a compassionate lady took her into her home. She did a wonderful job in caring for this little lamb, who three weeks later had grown into a strong and healthy girl. Although she had become quite attached to this precious little girl, she recognised that Pepper needed to be with her own ‘kind’ and reached out to BAWCS for help.

Since then Pepper has settled into life at the BAWCS sanctuary, quickly making friends with our resident lamb Tully. The two of them are such a joy to watch, with Pepper often showing off in front of Tully with her little kicks in the air.

Paddock to Plate Programs run in many schools. They are designed to teach children where their food comes from however one critical part of the process is left out. When teaching children all information should be provided to assist our next generation in making considered and compassionate choices for themselves.

Pepper is one lucky little lamb, who will continue to live out her natural life at the BAWCS sanctuary with new best bud Tully. You can check out Pepper in action here

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