Meet Moonbeam & The 3 Gees

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Moonbeam and the 3 goatsDusty closeMoonbeamLovie Dusty and GracieLovie sittingGracie

Moonbeam & The 3 Gees' Story

Meet Moonbeam and our trio of goats, Dusty, Gracie and Lovie.

They are all very inquisitive and like to explore anything and anyone new to their paddock. In particular, Moonbeam likes to get “up close and personal” with his carers. Lovie is a little sweetheart who is keen to greet visitors, while Dusty and Gracie are a little more reserved.

Our little goat family and their companion Moonbeam, came into BAWCS care due to a family breakdown. Both parties were unable to accommodate their beloved family pets, and when they include an animal such as Moonbeam, it can be very difficult to find the right home where their safety will be guaranteed.

Fortunately, with your support BAWCS are able to provide a safe sanctuary for animals just like Moonbeam and the 3 Gees, who would otherwise have no where to go.

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