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Mookie's Story

New sponsorship cat available April 2021 – Mookie

Back in 2006 (yes, correct date), BAWCS Shelter adopted out Mookie to a lovely lady.

When we were contacted by Mookie’s previous owner’s daughter who advised the sad news that her mum had passed away, we welcomed Mookie back with open arms. In fact, it is a condition on our Adoption Agreement that we ALWAYS take back a BAWCS cat to ensure their safety and future moving forward.

Estimated to be 5 years old at the time of her adoption, Mookie is now around 20 years old and will be the most senior cat BAWCS Shelter has had come back to us.

A vet visit has determined Mookie is in pretty good shape despite her senior years however we will have to be on the look out for arthritis which we think is setting in.

Your sponsorship support will enable Mookie to live the rest of her days in comfort in a special area we have at the Shelter for long term cats or for support in a suitable long term foster care home.

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