Meet Dusty

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Dusty's Story

Dusty is one of three goats we have at BAWCS Sanctuary.

Dusty came into our care due to a family breakdown. Whilst trying to find a new home for a dog or cat can be easy, farm animals such as goats can be more challenging, especially when you want their safety guaranteed.

Fortunately, BAWCS Sanctuary had room and we welcomed Dusty and his two friends Gracie and Lovie. Dusty is a quirky little goat and our Sanctuary volunteers are kept entertained with his antics. He now spends his life in safety and comfort and will want for nothing whilst in BAWCS Sanctuary care.

Your sponsorship support will go towards Dusty’s care of ensuring he receives the right food (contrary to popular belief, goats won’t eat everything!), veterinary care if required, worming and straw for a comfy bed.

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