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Cate's Story

Cate has been in our care since being found abandoned in an empty Chrisco hamper box in the woods, with her litter mates.  Whilst her siblings were previously adopted, Cate’s nature led her to being overlooked and she settled in at our Shelter to wait for the right home. As one of our long term shelter cats, she has mellowed over time however the right home still hasn’t come along. With her recent failing eye sight, our Committee has decided a change of environment would not be in her best interests so she has become the latest of our ‘special needs’ cats.

Cate is not on any medication apart from a natural ‘remedy’ for her arthritis and she will continue to be closely monitored for any decline in health given her age.

As with all of our cats, Cate will remain safe with us, not wanting for anything and enjoying her twilight years.  Those that currently care for her can assure you she has all the comforts of a home environment and all the love she needs at our Shelter.

Your sponsorship will support Cate with veterinary care when required, including annual vaccination and other essentials to keep her happy and content.

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