Meet Cate

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Cate's Story

Cate has been in our care since 2005, after she was found as a kitten with her siblings, in a Chrisco Christmas hamper box that had been dumped in the bush. All of the kittens were named with a ‘C’, hence Cate with a ‘c’. Whilst all kittens were adopted, Cate was overlooked continually and she has grown into a senior in BAWCS care.

Cate has a beautiful soul and a quiet nature. She’s very affectionate as our volunteers will tell you and is keen to seek you out for pats and cuddles, even climbing on your shoulder if she’s up high on one of the cattery room shelves.

Cate is available for sponsorship, foster or adoption.

Your sponsorship will help support her ongoing care and medication.

Want to be Cate's sponsor?

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