BUTTON Adopted!

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Button Adopted

Adoption Story

BUTTON has been adopted! This gorgeous girl has loads of purrsonality and we’ve come to know her quite well. One of our long term cats, she originally arrived in our care from a pound, back in December 2013. The pound were closing for Christmas and were going to euthanize any remaining cats at the facility. Luckily, Button ended up safe in BAWCS care, regardless of the time it took for her to be adopted. Such an inquisitive and friendly girl, who was certainly boss of her room at our shelter. She doesn’t have to share in her new home but we’re sure she will have her new “mum” trained in no time!
Thanks to our friends at Catmate, Button headed off with a sample bag of Catmate litter (just as she’s used to at our shelter), to help her settle in.

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